Our latest BassBuds Champion – Jasper!

Our latest BassBuds Champion, Jasper, who achieved a fantastic score of 52 seconds, sent us a review to say how much he loves his new BassBuds. Check it out, and start playing the BassBuds game so that you have a chance to win a pair of your favourite earphones!

Jasper wearing his favourite BassBuds!

“A few weeks ago I won the BassBuds game competition on the website. BassBuds sent me a pair of their earbuds and I didn’t know exactly what to expect from them. The first thing I noticed was the box. It was a nice looking box with not only the BassBuds, but also a lot of extra buds to place on them, which will in my opinion really come in handy. The BassBuds itself were nice-looking and the material was quite firm.

Then I tried the BassBuds for the first time. My first reaction was just: WOW. The sound quality was excellent and the bass was stunning. It is a deep, warm bass. I just love the way my music sounds through the buds! But first, I wanted to test them intensively. Every day I cycle about one and a half hour. So, every time I cycled for the last few weeks, I had my BassBuds on. And still I am very impressed!

In my opinion, BassBuds just have by far the best price-quality ratio. I was surprised you can get such quality for this low price. So, if I may give you an advice, don’t look any further if you are looking for cheap buds for an amazing price. You just can’t get this quality anywhere else.

Thanks Jasper!


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