Dan Hardy wearing his limited edition BassBuds on Saturday’s fight

Aaaaaaand he did it!!! Dan Hardy won the fight on Saturday, September 29th against opponent Amir Sadollah with an unanimous decision! We were hoping for a signature KO by The Outlaw, but after three rounds of considerable floor work, the decision was unarguable – Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy is an indestructible force in the welterweight division not to be fooled with. Hardy’s favourite hometown crowd of Nottingham chanted his name throughout the entire fight, and after a shaky first round, Dan must have gotten strength from the hundreds of people in his support. Not only did he practically break Sadollah’s face (five gushing cuts by the last round), but Hardy impressed everyone with quite the ability and technique in martial arts, trying to rediscover himself as an unbeatable fighter full of skill, strategy and passion for the sport.

We, here at BassBuds, couldn’t be more proud sponsors, not only because our logo was imprinted on his shorts, but because he’s just pure awesome! We wish Dan Hardy all the best, and will keep you posted on how he does! Hopefully with a full-length interview and photo shoot, so keep an eye out for us!



Dan Hardy is unarguably one of UK’s best UFC stars, and with a fight coming up this weekend BassBuds couldn’t be more excited about supporting The Outlaw! His hometown of Nottingham has never seen Hardy lose, and this Saturday will not change that in the slightest! BassBuds are sponsoring Dan Hardy in his career as a welterweight division fighter, and we couldn’t be more happy!  It’s an even more awesome fact that he wears our earphones all the time, in red of course, keeping true to his signature shorts colour! “I love them! I think they’re great,” Dan happily speaks about BassBuds, “they don’t have noise caps, but sound doesn’t escape at all, it’s amazing!” We can’t wait to see him make his way towards the octagon with BassBuds hanging from his ears on Saturday! “I have been listening to a lot of dubstep, coz these earphones are great for it, but on my way out to the fight I’ll have something more chilled. Black Keys, may be!”

Well, Dan Hardy, we here at BassBuds predict a KO in first round against Amir Sadollah, so make us and your favourite hometown crowd proud! Have a great fight!